Dec : Review 2020


Review 2020

This year will undoubtedly be one for the history books. Against the backdrop of an unprecedented

pandemic that has infected over 50 million people and killed one million globally, any other event

seems to pale in comparison.

But noteworthy events have happened, nonetheless, and should be remembered. The following are

some of these significant moments that occurred this year.


Australia Bushfire

It’s been a year we’ll never forget. Even before the challenges of COVID-19, Australia was hit hard

by bushfires during summer 2019-20 – the most catastrophic bushfire season ever experienced in the

country’s history. So much was lost, and the impacts will be felt for years to come.

Early in January, WWF estimated that at that time, 1.25 billion animals had been killed. As the fires

raged well into March, and destroyed even more habitat, we had a scientific duty to update that

figure to understand the true impact on our wildlife and natural landscapes.


Trump vs Biden

The US presidential election has been a colourful event with accusations and lawsuits to

come. Incumbent President Donald Trump has repeatedly tried throw doubt on postal ballots and

has appealed to courts to remove them from counted votes.


Prince Harry leaves Royalty Family

For the first time, a member of Britain’s royal family has decided to 『quit』. Prince Harry and his

wife Meghan Markle announced on 8 January that they world 「take a step back」 from the royal

family. They now no longer represent the Queen or the UK army, and have no official role. The couple

has moved to the US, living as 『ordinary citizens』, though still taking advantage of their past positions.



On 23 January, when Covid-19 was just a 『novel coronavirus』, the mainland government order

the complete lockdown of Wuhan. People were ordered to stay put and businesses closed, the

entire province practically resembled a ghost town.

This was an unprecedented action, as Wuhan is the largest travel hub in China, with thousands of

trains and flights land and take-off every day.

On 11 March, the World Health Organisation (WHO) finally declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Due to

concerns about possible mask shortages, the WHO initially recommended only healthcare

professionals or people with symptoms wear masks. However, by June the WHO updated its

guidelines and asked everyone to wear masks whenever possible.


Basketball legend dies

Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, six family friends and a pilot died in a helicopter crash on 26

January. The group was travelling for a basketball game. 

The 18*-time All Star player, who spent his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers in the National

Basketball Association, is still considered a legend of the sport’s history. His sudden death

shocked the world as he was only 41 years old.