General Regulations

  1. All students should abide by the Library Regulations and follow any other instructions from the Teacher-Librarian and the student-librarians on the use of the Library.

  2. Offenders will be punished.

  3. All Library materials must be kept clean and in good condition. Food or drinks are not permitted inside the Library.

  4. Silence must be maintained in the Library. Playing, sleeping and talking aloud are not allowed.

  5. Students found mutilating or defacing Library materials such as books, newspapers and serials will be severly penalized.

  6. Damaging Library resources or facilities is not allowed.

  7. Tables, chairs and shelves should not be removed from their original positions without the Teacher-Librarian’s approval.

  8. After reading the books, please place the books on the cart, and other after reading the Newspapers, Serials, and Audio-visual materials, please place these materials at the original position on the shelves.

  9. The Library is not responsible for the safe keeping of any belongings left in the Library.

  10. All Library users should abide by the Borrowing Rules.

  11. All Library users should abide by the Computer Using Rules.

  12. All Library users should abide by the Photocopying Rules and Intellectual Property Laws.

  13. When necessary, the Library may make amend the above rules to improve Library services and management.